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She stopped in front of the mirror again. Eyes round and disbelieving. Smoothing one last errent strand of silken opal hair behind her velveteen antlers. She pursed her lips. They looked so strange, coated in the soft cinnamon hughs Ibellei had helped her choose. Distracted by the saphire sparkling of her eyelids and the wide elegant swooshes of eye shadow that arched from the corners. She ran her hands over the dress again. Lace and satin ruffles rustling gently beneath her nervous hands. She didn't look herself... then again, she rarely had to think about personal appearance until recently. She smiled. The reflection smiled back and out of some strange corner of her memory she produced a curtsy. Snatching up another ivory ribbon to gather the last of her shimmering tresses and nestle them in an elegant bun.
She wanted this to be the perfect thank you. She wanted Rosa to know exactly how much she had done for Bittersweet. She owed her everything. Right up to her life at this point. And gestures like this felt barley adequete. The table was set, a new lacey table cloth glowing softly with candle light. A light and sweet bottle of white wine... A meal composed of every favorite thing she'd ever heard Rosa mention...
With a nervous sigh. She sat in the hallway by the front door. Folding her hands over her lap and tapping her fingers nervously. Ready to swoop the darling girl off her feet the minute she was thru the door. Smiling to herself when she saw the first lazy snowflakes begin to fall outside the window...

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Soon as a fire up the scanner expect artses <3

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1. How do you generally design your characters?
It always seems to be the species and the name that manifest first. From there, the personalities tend to flow. And I base designs and color concepts off their personalities. I often dream of random characters as well who in turn become fleshed out the more I think about them. Designs are ever changing tho, my characters tend to be a lot like me. They can be extreme examples of my personal flaws, or personifications of what I wish I was. With talents I wish I had.

2. How did you decide on your fursona/s species?
Keet has always been a Jackel. Anubis and many of the egyptian gods were what first sparked and interest in anthro art. Tho I didn't know thats what it was called at the time. So my early fanatical obsession with Anubis definatly influenced her species. Though I added the African Wild Dog hybrid in 2004 to give myself an excuse to complicate her design a bit more. I've also strongly identified with Porcupines my whole life, which sparked Esk who is sort of a fursona, though she's more closely tied in with other characters in my realm. Mary and I also decided to choose a species for new fursona's based on what we thought fit the other. I picked a Ferret for her (Opho) while she picked a Cheetah/Dingo hybrid for Qeet.

3. What are your 5 favorite species?
GAH o.o So hard... UHM... Porcupines, Jackels/Dingo's, Lions and other big cats, Komodo Dragons and other lizards/amphibians, Equines of all shapes and sizes...

4. Ok, ok, you can extend it to 10.
YAYYYY! Sloths, Rats, Degu's, Gryphons ( IDON'TCAREIFTHEYARNTREALTHEYSHOULDBE), Primates (except for hunmans)

5. Have you made characters out of all of these?
Uhm... yes... about ten times over.

6. Most violent character:
Haha... GUESS. Couldn't be Venna... No... never. Not Venna. Oh who am I kidding? VENNA WRATH.

7. Happiest or Nicest character?:
Mariposa is painfully innocent and sweet... although Endika is always a ray of sunshine. Shes also more extroverted when is comes to spreading the happiness around. She plays psychologist and endless wellspring of good advice to at least 30 of my characters.

8. Your most personally significant character?:
Tri Innawyn. I have never had my emotions so geared into a character. She's also closely tied into a future I might have had if I'd chosen different paths back in highshool. Like taking Automotive instead of Culinary. Venna is also very important to me for bizarre reasons. She may be evil but she represents one of the biggest outlets in my life since 2003.

9. Sluttiest character?:
Strawberry might have taken the title a year or two ago, tho she's a little more reserved now-a-days. Eon is very much about "living it up" and getting as much action as she can while she's on this planet. Genevieve is also painfully permiscuous. At least he's found a job that satisfies his inner tiger.

10. ‘Unsluttiest’ character?
Bittersweet, she's still a virgin. And shes notorious for deidcating herself completely to an individual (even if they are completely unaware) Nadra is also painfully chaist. She dedicates all her energy and love into healing and feels relationships would always take back seat to her dedication to her craft. She doesn't want to subject anyone to that. Solaris has devoted herself to the the Sun Goddess and has never traversed the realm of passion.

11. ‘Stereotypic’ male? :
I'm not sure if I have one o.o My boys are just as loopy as my girls. I guess... Kero (buffalo) might take the title since he's the only one that's constantly day dreaming about the ladies he'll never get ;____;

12. ‘Stereotypic’ female? :
Hrrrmm.... I dunno. None of them are very normal. Boisyn is prolly the girliest and most prone to fits of emotion. Web is very stormy and moody. She also has jeleousy and possession issues that have made it very hard for her to keep a relationship.

13. Tomboy?:
Ivy! Tri... Dylan... Esk...  yee gawds I have toooo many x.x

14. Girlyboi?:
Genevieve. GAELYN. Bleach is also very effeminate, tho in tune enough with his inner male enough to be well balanced.

15. Androgynous/genderless?:
TenuEva. Graebo (sloth) is very nuetral. Sol (zombie dragon) is also quite sexless.

16. Fastest character?:
I guess Nadra. She is a cheetah afterall...

17. Most muscular? : Fynna's pretty ripped. Venna may be lanky but she's pure steel under those scales. But when is comes to bulk Kero takes it for the guys and Magdalynna (Crow/gryphon works for Alice) for the girls.

18. Thinnest character?:
Bittersweet up until recently. She's certainly... fleshed out o.o Melody takes it hands down though. Hard to keep weight on with advanced HIV.

19. Chubbiest/ heaviest character?:
 It's prolly a tie between Midori and Sham for the girls. Both are quite round and vuluptuos... tho Midori might be winning at the moment since she's PREGNANT. *shakes head* Cyrus takes it for the boys and he really could care less.

20. Deformed character?:
Nettle has been quite twisted by her past. We won't even get into some of the monstrousities Alice has created. Sol and VooDoo are zombies which leads to many limbless mangled nights. Maya is prolly the most innocent and tragically diformed. Born without legs or ears. Though she's blind and insanely sensitive to sound as a result of not having ears.  Which leads for many a day spent rocking and covering them as best she can.

21. Most fun to draw? :
Vennnnaaaaa. Bryum. Esk. Selkis and Trance are always fun to draw together. Beezle and Erihsehc. Actually... and of the DL Bois.

22. Any MarySues?: 
MarySues? What the hell is that? I dunno. I don't think so o.O

23. Draw pr0n?: Not often. I'm to shy. I get all nervous and wierded out and worried what someone who might accidently see it will think x.x  *beats silly nuerotic self*

24. Draw one gender more than another? Females, definitely.

25. Stuff you don’t like to draw? Boys? Not really. I suck at backgrounds. Details and perspective in arcithecture have always thwarted me. Tho I still try.

26. Stuff you love to draw? : Dragons and gryphons!! Wierd swampy naturey stuff. Mythology influenced material... Uhm... lots'o'things really. Snuggling. Drawing snuggling makes me feel snuggly.

27. Species you see mostly in the fandom?
Wolves. Cats. Foxes. Yeegawds so much o.o

28. Species you see least?:
Porcupines, primates, ungulates, odd avians... some insects are rarely seen. Like Praying mantis'!! and SNAILS... bwahaha *coddles her snail child*

29. What do you want to see more in the fandom? : 
Hybrids. I love hybrids. People knock on how unrealistic some are but seriously... how realistic is anthro? Combine whatever the hell you want! Like humans, everyones different! Who gives a fuck as to how likely a species is to cross paths?

30. Anyone you want to tag?
Anyone else who wants to!

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